After a sharp decline in the grain harvest this year, its decline will continue next year.

11:56 14 September Kyiv, Ukraine

According to the government's macroeconomic forecast, in 2022 the harvest is expected to reach 51.9 million tons, which is 34.1% less than in 2021 (86 million tons).

And in 2023, the harvest will decrease by another 6.9% to 45 million tons.

At the same time, world prices for corn are expected to rise by 24.7% in 2022, but next year they will fall by 19.7%.

World wheat prices will rise by 30.6% in 2022 and then fall by 24.6.7% in 2023.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy increased the forecast for the 2022 harvest from 60 million tons to 65-67 million tons against 106.5 million tons last year.

During the sowing campaign in 2022, 14.16 million hectares of land were sown during the war - this is 83.7% of the figures for the previous year (16.92 million hectares).