The Ministry of Finance last month allocated 4 billion hryvnia for social benefits

16:36 26 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In June, the Ministry of Finance allocated 4 billion hryvnia for social payments from the state budget.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

During March-June, the ministry allocated UAH 153.5 billion for social payments.

It is noted that UAH 21.2 billion was allocated for the payment of state social benefits, including to families with children, of which UAH 5.3 billion in June;

UAH 18.1 billion was allocated to provide living assistance to internally displaced persons, of which UAH 9.1 billion was allocated in June.

The ministry also directed state budget funds to:
  • for the provision of benefits and subsidies to citizens for payment of housing and communal services - UAH 15.3 billion, in June - UAH 0.8 billion;
  • Pension Fund for the payment of pensions, additional payments and increases to pensions - UAH 68.5 billion, in June - UAH 20.9 billion;
  • in assistance to insured persons in connection with the loss of part of their wages (income) as a result of hostilities within the framework of the "Epidtrimka" - UAH 30.4 billion, in June - UAH 5.9 billion.
"Despite the martial law, we continue to ensure timely payment of pensions, additional payments, allowances and benefits.. After all, the task of the government as a whole and the Ministry of Finance, in particular, is to ensure that all available sources of resources in the state work to help people during the war and bring our victory over the occupier closer,” Deputy Finance Minister Roman Ermolichev said.