Gas price in Europe fell below $750

12:25 04 January Kyiv, Ukraine

According to the London-based ICE exchange, the price of natural eider in Europe at the beginning of trading on January 4 fell below $750 per thousand cubic meters.
Since the beginning of the day, the fall in gas prices has exceeded 3%. The cost of February futures at the TTF hub in the Netherlands decreased to $733 per thousand cubic meters (67 euros per MWh).

Later, quotes jumped to $762.1 per thousand cubic meters (71.71 euros per MWh).

It should be noted that such a decrease occurred for the first time since February 18, 2022.

Gas quotes are falling against the backdrop of warm weather in Europe - the average air temperature in most EU countries in December remained above climatic indicators.

Forecasts indicate above-seasonal temperatures for much of Europe in the next two weeks. In addition, record LNG imports and increased wind power generation in France and Germany are helping ease price pressures.